Monday 6 June 2022

The To Do List


Checklist, Clipboard, Pen, Paper

You character is obsessed with to do lists.  They even write down things they have done so that they can cross them off.  This gets them into trouble one day. What is the list about? Do they get many of the things on it done? What happens as a consequence of completing or not completing the list?

Idea for a character

Can you create a character by showing your reader what is on their to do list and how they go about completing each task?

Do they rebel against their list and destroy it when it gets too much?

Or does writing a to do list in fact help them in the end?

You and your to do list

As a writer do you keep a to do list? What’s on it at the moment? Do you use any special software for controlling it? Could you write an article about the business side of writing that includes this element? Maybe you could write a blog post about this or submit it to a writing magazine?  

Script idea

Could the items on a to do list create the scenes in some sort of script? How could you insert dramatic tension into doing this?    

Coping with to do lists?

How about ordering your list in terms of what is interesting useful, fun, important and urgent?

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