Thursday 30 June 2022


Community, Pancake, Feed, Breakfast

Write an article, poem, script or story about this.  What’s the cause? What are the obstacles? What is the outcome?

Article ideas

Why do we fund raise?   What are the ethics of it? Should there be a need or should society work in such a way that the funds are always there for whatever is needed? Why do charities exist?

What about the mechanics of fund-raising? Could you develop a tip sheet?

If you’ve done some fund-raising, simply describe this.

Poetry ideas

Could you write a poem about the tension as the raffle is drawn? Or about the hours of work it takes to write a bid for a funding body? What about the journey of a fund-raiser? Can you crystalize that into a couple of pages of verse?

Script ideas

Perhaps you can introduce some humour as the committee decides on how to run the summer fete and how they are going to use any funds.  

What about if someone embezzles the funds that have been raised? How do you find out? Do you get the money back?

Story ideas

Who is raising some funds and what for? Which obstacles do they face? Is there a surprise – an unlikely contributor, perhaps? Does it work out in the end? What do they achieve? How does it change them?    

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