Thursday, 26 March 2015

Pushing Boundaries, Flying Higher


It’s a sunny but crisp March morning. I notice the barrier is down on the car park.  I’m not all that surprised. Why would they leave it open now if we don’t finish until 5.45? I must remember to ask though. Vicky from the conference office, the caretaker and our IT technician are already there. Yes, they know. The barrier is down, but it will be opened later.
I check out the main room. Perfect. The tables and chairs are set out cabaret style. The Old Fire Station is fabulous that way. Any number of people can be accommodated well. 

People begin to arrive. Coffee is served at 10.00. The delegates are SCBWI members, some of our students and members of the public, all aspiring writers.  I’m able to chat with people as they arrive. I join Nikki Heath, a school librarian, and the IT technician. Yes, the Apple Mac hooks up to our system okay.
Through the big windows that used to be the entrance for the fire engines I can still see people arriving. I worry a little as I’ve not yet seen our first key note speaker. I needn’t have worried. When I return to the coffee lounge he’s busily chatting to couple of the delegates.