Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Start of a new year

This as ever is tremendously exciting. We’ve had a good turn out to our induction activities. On several occasions we’ve run out of chairs. “This is the sign of successful programmes,” we tell our students.    
We look on a little nervously as seminar groups fill up; our rooms typically hold 26. Several groups already have 25. Not all students have registered yet. We expect they will, though.

Day 1 Drop-in session

Students can register online but they do attend a check-in. We want to make a first contact with them that day. So, we arrange a drop-in session. The idea is that they would come in small groups to chat to us – their programme leaders, personal tutors and the head of subject. However, when we turn up at exactly the time stated, the room is full to bursting.
So, we give them a short presentation and then talk to them in smaller groups. Some then come and go a little as we answer questions and find out about them.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Open Day

We held one of our Open days today. Initially the prediction had been for a quiet day. In fact, however, it was as busy as normal if not a little more so. Colleagues presented aspects of our programmes. The leader of the other suite of programmes and I, with some other colleagues manned the drop-in centre.
This really allowed students and their parents the opportunity to pose very specific questions about aspects of the courses on offer.