Thursday, 27 August 2015

Work / Life balance – all hail the perfect day job for a writer

I am so lucky. There is only one aspect to my day job that I dislike and even that’s not too bad because actually, although there’s more of it than there should be, it’s what they pay me for and in fact they also pay me to do things I’d do even if I wasn’t paid.
I’m currently on a writer’s retreat. I’ve chosen to take leave for this, just so that I won’t feel obliged to look at my work email. Technically, writing is part of the day job. Most of my writing is speculative, so I’m never sure whether I’ll be paid for it. So, I consider that part of my salary from the university comes as a retainer; they’re in effect saying, use some of our time to develop your craft, reflect on it, improve and pass on your knowledge to others.