Friday 17 June 2022

Your writing comes true

Creation, God Finger, Clouds, Light

Write about this occurring   - and hope it doesn’t happen while you’re writing this time! Maybe you’re writing about a storm and it starts thundering and pouring with rain outside.  Maybe someone who is just like one of your characters moves into your neighbourhood.  Or maybe your crime novel helps solve an actual case.  

Writers are good sleuths anyway

We know how to observe. We watch people all the time. We can’t help ourselves.  We look for the stories behind what we see.  Why is that young woman crying as she talks to the older man sitting opposite her? How did the old woman sleeping in the doorway of the local supermarket become homeless? How did the local car dealer build up his business?  

Write what you knew in order to find out what you don’t know  

So, for instance, you’re writing about a certain time in history and you know about some of the foods they ate but not about others. What would go with those products? How come they have those and not others we know? Work this all out form you own knowledge of how the world works.

Some near futures

Look at something that is happening now and project it forward. Covid and Monkey Pox may be here to stay. How does that affect day to day lives? Can they be the centres of a story? Climate change can’t be avoided.  How do we adapt the way we live? Can we resolve or reverse it?  The cyber world carries on growing. How will we interact with artificial intelligence?

You are god

We create our worlds. They must have an inner logic but as long as that is there, anything goes. You make the rules. How far can you push your imagination? And a little uncanny: “In the beginning was the Word ….”

Go, write your world and maybe you’ll make it happen.  

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