Thursday 14 July 2022

Fabulous show


Chicago, Illinois, Dupage Opera Theatre

Article ideas:

·         Write about the best show you’ve ever been to. 

·         Write an article about a theatre or concert hall you love

·         Write about why you love or hate live entertainment

·         Research why we have theatre (Aristotle? Socrates?)



·         Try to record the atmosphere of a theatre or concert hall.

·         Capture the excitement of attending a live performance

·         Could you write a song or two to turn a straight play into a musical? (Don’t  worry we won’t ask you to sing it though you can if you like) 



·         Write a sketch about a theatre / concert hall visit.

·         Write a five to ten minute sketch about a creative writing group that isn’t as nice as ours

·         Shakespeare peppered his plays with “masques” – plays within plays. Can you create a masque?



·         Write a story about a character who goes to the theatre for the first time.  What do they see? What does the theatre seem like to them? Does it change them?

·         Write a story about a performance that goes wrong

·         Write a story about the village amateur dramatic group – who eventually put on a fabulous show.  


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