Monday 23 May 2022

The Story of the Shoes


Shoe, Old, Abandoned, Frayed, Used

You take a walk in the spring along a dried-up river bed in a hot country.  You see hundreds of abandoned shoes, sometimes in pairs sometimes not.  What’s the explanation? How do you find out? Who do you meet in the process?

Article ideas

Find out why people abandon shoes. Can you explore the benefits and dangers of walking without shoes? Or discuss the type of shoes for walking along a dry river bed?

Poetry ideas

Find a picture of some abandoned shoes and write an ode to them. Write verses to the people who abandoned the shoes. Write about the shoes themselves. Think of the colours, textures, and shapes.

Script ideas

Perhaps a two-hander of two people walking a river-bed (radio play?). One of your characters abandons their shoes. Why?  What is the relationship between the two people? Are they changed by the end?

Story ideas

Your characters come across the shoes and form their own ideas about what’s happened.  They ask various other people and get many different explanations. They finally find out the truth which is surprising. How does this change them?  How do they grow?             

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