Wednesday 4 May 2022

Urban disaster


Fireman, Firefighter, Rubble, 9 11, Disaster

Something major goes wrong where you live that makes you have to leave home in the middle of the night. Perhaps there is a flood, an explosion or a major fire. What is the evacuation like? Who do you meet? When and how are you allowed back to your homes?  What happens in the aftermath?

Article ideas

Start off  the most significant issue and report it with a bit of colour – use the senses, perhaps capture the drama, talk about the people

Now report any verifiable facts.

Add some quotes from experts.

Discuss any moral dilemma.

Come back with some more colour.

Poetry ideas

Work with the senses, describe the physical event,  can you capture the emotions?

Script ideas

Perhaps write a script from a rescuer’s point of view. Is there a sub plot? Is this incident part of something bigger and does the incident uncover this.

Fiction ideas

What does your protagonist learn through the incident? Do they grow? Could you consider writing this story form the point of view of a child? Or would you consider a dramatic monologue?     

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