Monday 21 March 2022

The Equinox


Orrery, Earth, Moon, Sun, Orbit, Planets

A magical time? Are we affected by the way the earth rotates?  Are there customs and rituals associated with this? Could you invent a few? How does the change in light affect you? Is the season changing as well?

Write an article, poem, script or story about this time.

Article ideas

Discuss the pros and cons of changing the clocks.  

Look at people’s need for sunlight.

Research some of the rituals to do with this time of year. What about the autumnal equinox as well? And the longest day and the shortest day?

What else?

Poem ideas

Take a walk and then make notes about what you’ve seen, heard, felt, tasted and smelt.  Build a poem on this.

Can you write an ode to the spring?

What about the sunrise or sunset on this day?

Script ideas

Go back in time and show a story about something changing on the day for an ancient civilisation. .

The garden needs some attention but no one is willing to do it. Write about how one household solves this dilemma.

Set your story at Stonehenge. What causes conflict this time?

Story ideas

How does the equinox bring hope in your story?

Write something from an animal’s point of view.

Create a dramatic monologue form the point of view of an experienced gardener.        

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