Tuesday 5 April 2022

Novel protagonist

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Here’s a ready-made story for you.

You are reading a novel and suddenly you find that it could be your story. As you read on the protagonist becomes more and more like you.  You try to find out if this is just a coincidence or if this is deliberate.  You try to track down the writer.  Do you find them? What has happened?  What happens next?

Points to ponder

Who is “you”? Who is the person reading? What are they like physically, intellectually and emotionally? What are their current needs? Why are they reading this particular book at the moment?

The book

What sort of story is it? How does this begin to affect the reader? What about the writer?

How your story develops

When does your protagonist realise there is a similarity between them and the protagonist of the novel they are reading?  How do they fell as they begin to realise?

What makes them decide to do something about it?

How do the first steps go? How many obstacles do they have to overcome in order to meet with the author?

Do they meet the author? Is the author also like them or completely different?

Is there an explanation?

How does the relationship continue?

What has your protagonist learnt about themselves?  

Have fun!       


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