Monday 7 March 2022

The Strike


School Strike 4 Climate, Demonstrations

Write an article, poem, script or story about a strike. You may like to look at an historic one.  Remember the Welsh slate miners or the coal miners. What about the emergency services? Or teachers?  Have you ever been on strike? Or what about a strike in an unusual place? You might even write about being affected by someone else being on strike.



This is plenty of scope for articles here. And within articles plenty of angles. Who is striking, and why.  Is it justified?  What will be the repercussions for the people on strike? How will it affect others?      



What’s it like being on a picket line?  Is there an opportunity here to write with the senses? What about making up a marching song for the people who are protesting?



If you’ve researched some of the historic ones, could you write a screen play or stage play? Remember for scripts you’re not in the head of the characters.  That’s more the job of the actor, novelist or short story writer. Can you bring some comedy into it? Do you remember The Rag Trade? And the cry of “Everybody out”?



Could you write the story form an unusual viewpoint.  Maybe that of a child? Or of one of the bosses who is secretly sympathetic? Or the partner of one of the strikers? If there is an unruly situation maybe you could write the story of a police officer involved in sorting out the chaos.    


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