Saturday 6 November 2021

Someone has stolen Christmas


Lightbulb, Light, Electricity, Energy

Maybe the lights don’t work. Or perhaps a village has become cut off. A major retail outlet stops functioning.

How do people react?



Think about the place where this happens. Is it a large city, a small town, a big town or a large village? A tiny village or a hamlet?  In an urban conglomeration, in the mountains, in the countryside or by the sea? What sort of people live there? Where do they work?  Why ae people there? If it’s a shopping centre and it really is 6 November perhaps it’s part of the Christmas rush.


Precise spot

Is this a general power cut? Are the phones out too? How does this affect the people who live there? How does it become evident that you are cut off? Or if this happens in a huge shopping centre, how do people react? What’s it like when the lights suddenly go out? How do people get out of the building? Can they get home then? Perhaps the barriers on the car park don’t work and the tram is no longer running.


Mina players

Whose story are you going to tell?  Does this situation bring out the best or the worst in people? Or both?  Does someone take charge? How do others react to this?


Chain of events

What has actually happened? Is this just one of those things or has something sinister occurred?

How does it all resolve? Are people changed by it or do they just carry on from where   they’ve left off?  

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