Wednesday 13 October 2021

Happy ever after?


Fantasy, Clock, Time, Light, Magic

Her happy ever after ending was my worst nightmare. Subvert a fairy tale and show it as a nightmare.

From an original idea by Allison Symes

What will be your nightmare?

Did you run away from the prince at midnight because you didn’t want to have any more to do with him? Was it a real pain that the shoe fit?


Would you have rather been left sleeping than woken by a man who wanted to marry you and keep you under his thumb?  Maybe you’re more into women anyway.


You have the magic lamp and you now feel obliged to use it. You are surely the envy of the world. But you had been doing quite nicely with your laundry business, thank you very much.  You want to succeed on your own terms.


Is there also here an element of be careful what you wish for? Can the big lottery win turn into a nightmare?


More philosophically are we ever really happy for ever? We get one thing and then we long for another.


Plenty of story ideas here. Look for more in Prompts 2021.     


Happy writing.    

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