Sunday 3 October 2021

Strange Email

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You receive an email from a friend which from the subject line seems to be in response to something you emailed to him earlier. But the email is empty. You click on it to reply so you can ask if he accidentally sent it with no message but as it opens, there is an email from a completely different friend who has no link with your first friend. What might be the outcome?


This appears in my Prompts 2021 book and was suggested by my writing friend Dawn Knox. I think she herself had had some strange things happening with her email at the time.


I admit I have too – and guess what; we use the same supplier.


I have two layers of spam – some are caught on the way to my computer but others are even prevented from the BT site. Yet there seems no reason for why some have been blocked – and they remain so even after I’ve marked the sender as approved.


Sometimes emails arrive days after they’ve been sent. 


How will these things impact on a life?  What if an important message doesn’t get through?


What are all those blank ones about anyway? 


Of course, we all know you shouldn’t follow a link that you don’t recognise.  But what f someone did and got take to a very strange place?  


Lots of ideas there for your article, poem script or story.      

Image by ijmaki from Pixabay


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