Monday 20 September 2021

Wife Appreciation Day


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Yes, today is Wife Appreciation Day

An interesting story might be in the form of a dramatic monologue where a famous person appreciates a wife or where the wife is the famous person.  Except that the identity isn’t revealed right until the end. You will probably give a few cryptic clues on the way.

Or you could write an article about the wife who has not been appreciated.  Maybe the wife of a famous writer works as an unpaid secretary. What would the life of a composer’s wife be like? Can you invent a life for Mrs Beethoven Mozart or Bach? Or of an artist?

A poem might take the form of an ode.         

Perhaps you could write a script or story about someone who learns to appreciate a wife.  Had they not appreciated her before? What changes? How do they show their appreciation?

You will probably want to spend some time on thinking about the main character here.

·         What are they like physically?

·         Intellectually?

·         Emotionally?

·         What is their personality like?

·         What is their greatest fear?

·         What is their greatest desire?

·         What do they need?

·         What is their main motivation in this story?

Or, if you have a wife, you might write a story just for her. Make it a limited edition – maybe only one copy – and “publish” it in an elegant or pretty box.     

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