Sunday 21 November 2021


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You or someone else unexpectedly gains a fan.  What do they do? Is it pleasant or unpleasant for you?  What is the outcome?


There are two main characters here. Is it really you or are you going to invent a new character? And then there is the fan. You might even think about writing the story from the fan’s point of view.    

Remember to think about what these two characters are like physically, intellectually and emotionally. What are their personalities like? Is there a tension between them? Why is the fan a fan?

Progression of the story

Does the “fan” situation start suddenly or has it been there for a while? What sparks the action? How does it progress? What brings things to a head? Do the two characters reach a point of stasis?  Do they get what they want or what they need, or both?

The setting

How important is the setting? Where does this all take place? Does the setting impact on what can happen? What about any personal circumstances of either character? Do some current general circumstances affect them?

Other characters

Do you need to involve other characters? A mentor or a friend? Interesting minor characters. Remember to give them as much attention as the main characters.

Happy writing  

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