Sunday 12 December 2021

Not quite as safe as houses

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Your home or your protagonist’s is under threat .What is the threat? What happens? Do you manage to confront the threat and / or make it go away?

Establishing the home

What is the home like? Is it a house or a flat? In the town or the country? Is it super smart or a bit shabby? How long have your character(s) lived there? How will you show this without going into too much detail?

Establishing the characters

What are the people who live there like? Remember:

·         The physical

·         Emotional

·         Intellectual

·         Their greatest desires and greatest fears

·         Their motivation in this story

What is the threat?


Storm and tempest?

A sink hole?


Your plot

Remember to develop your plot through its stages:

Inciting incidents

Growing complexities





Will this be a tragedy or comedy? Could you write a story that one of the homelessness charities could use?   

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