Friday 9 July 2021

Sugar cookie day



Do you have a favourite recipe for a biscuit? Could you find out something about the history of biscuit making?  Or something about one of the big biscuit firms?



Can you remember eating biscuits as a child? Which were your favourites?  Were they a treat or just part of everyday routines? Did you ever buy broken biscuits? Do you remember colourful tins at Christmas time? Were they given as presents?  



Think about all of those tastes, textures and colours.  Can you really use your senses to create something exquisite here? Is there a feeling of naughtiness when you eat a biscuit?  Could that be the theme for your poem?  



Fiction or creative non-fiction. There are some fantastic names around for biscuits and cookies. Just Google them. Here are a few suggestions: Florentines, millionaire’s shortbread, Viennese whirls, matzo crinkle, garibaldi and forgotten ….. Can you have one of these interesting names feature in your piece of flash?


Story or script

You could start with a recipe. Maybe your story is about a biscuit-making session gone wrong. Or a hard-up couple make biscuits to gives as presents and there are interesting consequences. What about a biscuit-making competition at the annual village fete?   Is there rivalry and trickery?     

Image by silviarita from Pixabay  

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