Wednesday 21 July 2021

Surprise homecoming

You arrive back home after a hard day at work and something strange has happened.  You’re not quite sure what at first. Gradually you find out three oddities. What happens next? Do you find out what has happened? Can you put it right?  


Step by step

What do you notice first? Which senses do you use for this?

What else do you discover?  

What do you do immediately after your discovery?

Do you find out anything?

What do you try next?

What do you find out eventually?

How do you react to this?

What is the outcome?


Other people in your story

First is it really you or are you making up the narrator / point of view person?

Is there an enemy?

Do you have a friend?

Do you have a mentor – this may be not be human.

Remember, what all of these people, you should know what they are like physically, intellectually and emotionally? What is their main motivation in this story? What are their greatest fears? What do they most desire? What do they actually need?


Happy writing.       

Image by bedrck from Pixabay

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