Wednesday 16 June 2021

Fitness Challenge


A group of friends decide to get fit.  But it poses all sorts of problems. Do they overcome these problems? Do they get fit? If they do, will they be able to maintain their new-found healthy ways?


Your characters

Will you have one central character or is there an opportunity to have the viewpoints of two or more characters?

For each character think about what their motivation is for this and what are the challenges. E.g. mother of the bride wants to get slimmer for the forthcoming wedding but she’s terrified of going to the gym. 

Identify their wants and needs and their hopes and fears.


Story line   

Where will you start the story? What will grab your reader’s intrust? Which challenges will your characters face? How will things come to a head? What will cause tension in the climax? How will it all resolve?



Is there room for humour in this piece? Could this be a cosy small town story? Is there a place for a darker side? Could one of your characters become addicted to exercise or fail miserably and achieve none of their goals? Even make things worse?



Before you start think very carefully about your reader.  Now write as if you’re speaking as a good mate to this person you’ve identified.      

Image by wal_172619 from Pixabay 

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