Wednesday 5 August 2020

A Special Sort of Author Talk


Theme and Variations is a collection of sixteen flash fiction stories with music – some of it harmonious, some discordant – running through them.
  • A participant in an internalised music scheme chooses to ignore what he assumes is just a glitch…
  • A story vending machine provides more than just a good read for an apprehensive job applicant…
  • When God decides that the Ten Commandments are outdated, how will Saint Peter manage the re-write…?
  • A silent child finds his own way to communicate…
  • A woman’s music competes with her boyfriend for her affections…
Although fictional, these stories also contain many elements of realism. After all, music will always be with, around or in you.
This delightful book is one of a series of little square books my publishing company is producing.
They house collections of Flash Fiction. We’re currently only accepting either people whose books we have published before or those writers who have had five or more stories published in our anthologies or on our CaféLit site.
So possibly the best way to get in there is to get some stories on to CaféLit. I’m now offering talks on how to do this. Would you like me to meet with your group?  I will give a 45 minute talk free of charge.
Longer talks are available on request. Please use the contact form to put in your requests.              


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