Monday 31 August 2020

A Sense of Time and Place

Look at this in other novels / short stories as well as your own.
  1. What has the writer done here to include a sense of time and space?  
2.      In which ways does this piece of prose resemble a novel rather than an epic story?
3.      How close is the time / space image to real time?
4.      Which bits of the scene are left to the reader’s imagination?
5.      What makes the space concrete here?
6.      Has the writer taken short cuts?
7.      How does this time / space frame impinge on the characters?
8.      Which voices are there in this extract?
9.      Which narrative techniques are used?
10.  How do we recognize different characters from what they say?
11.  Is there an authorial voice?
12.  Does the writer use the senses?
13.  Whose point of view is s/he showing?
14.  How do they show that point of view? 
15.  Does the author step in?    
16.  Can you spot places where the writer goes down deep?  
17.  Where are they more on the surface?
18.  How does the writer use dialogue? 
19.  How is this similar to and different from a film?
20.  What is the balance of exposition, description, dialogue, action, and inner monologue? Does this feel about right and why or why not?  

Image by Vincent Ciro from Pixabay 

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