Thursday 14 December 2017

Fiction Workshop 17 Bringing the story theories together

Do all of these story theories work together or do they overlap and contradict each other? A little bit of all of that really.  

I have created a spread sheet that you can download at :
Note, you can use this for both planning and analysing.   
First of all, save a copy of it for future reference and then save another copy as “Name of Your Story Planner” or “Name of Your Story Analyser” 

There are empty cells next to each named cell for you to fill in details about your story. The first two blocks are about the characters, however, and here you fill the details in the named block.  Remember it is the tension between them that creates the story. You must establish the hero, friend, mentor and enemy. Only the hero needs to be a sentient being. The other blocks are optional and you may find you don’t have any ideas until after you’ve filled out the rest of the spread sheet. 

There is only one column of empty cells next to all of Booker’s theories. Delete all of the columns except that which best fits your story. 

The number of subplots will vary according to the size of the book. Add in cells and columns as you need to. Shorter stories and flash fiction may not have subplots.  
Now, make every effort to fill in all of the empty cells. 

Save a third copy as “Name of Your Story Spine Analysis” or “Name of Your Story Spine Planner”  
Then, delete all of the theory columns except the one with which you feel most comfortable. Now you have a good analysis or a plan from which you can create the spine of your story.

Happy reading and writing!   

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