Tuesday 28 November 2017

Fiction Workshops 16 A simple way of planning

This might suit those of you who consider yourselves to be "pansters". You know, you just write and see what happens. It's useful, though, if you know the outcome of the story first. You write the opening scene and then the final scene. Then you write the second scene followed by the penultimate scene. And so on.
I know of one writer of crime novels who works this way. I'm using it for my autobiography, Sunset over the Gasworks (don't ask – it becomes clear when you read it) where I'm putting together short scenes in this way. List to date:
·         Room with a View
·         Granny's House
·         Familiar Ground
·         Goodbye to the Gasworks
You can of course also use this as a planning tool.

Writing exercises

For pansters

As long as you know your outcome, use this to write a short story.

For plotters

Use this to plan and write a short story  

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