Monday 13 November 2023

Manipulation - prompt


We all know about cookies when we visit Internet sites. It’s feels totally uncanny how Amazon and Facebook know what we’re interested in. Advertising in the media influences us enormously. It’s probably highly logical.  

Is AI taking this further?

Here’s a spooky example. A friend died recently and I made a note of his address so that I could send his widow a card. I actually wrote the address down on paper with a pen.  I did have a printed copy of it elsewhere and this had been created as a spreadsheet on the computer of someone with whom I often exchange emails. A few days later, when I was using the newly created Greater Manchester BEE app to find the next bus that would take me home a Google map appeared, showing me the bus route to his house. His house as well as his street was shown.

Perhaps a little more simple and understandable is that I keep getting junk email about investment possibilities. I have recently sold some properties’ and decided to invest the profit. I’ve been using the internet quite a bit to look for possibilities.   

But what happens if this goes to extremes?

Write an article, poem, script or story about someone who falls prey to this and maybe how they get out of it.


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