Sunday 7 August 2022

Lighthouse Day

           Lighthouse, Tower, Building

Today is Lighthouse Day

Find out what you can about lighthouses. Do you know of one? Have you ever visited one?  What is it like walking to the top of the tower? There is plenty of scope here for writing with the senses, putting something into a historical setting or writing a story or script with a lot of drama.

Decide which genre to write in and get writing.

Here a few ideas about lighthouses to get you going.

Holiday in a lighthouse

Yes, in fact several have been turned into holiday homes. Have you ever had a holiday in one? What is the effect of staying in a lighthouse on the people in your text?

Living in a lighthouse

Why would someone want to do that? Is it possible? Does it work out for them in the end?

La Chambre d’Amour Biarritz

Why such a romantic name? Does it have a story to tell? Or could it indeed be the background for a romantic story?

The Winkie      

A small lighthouse on the Isle of Man. Why is it so small? What’s its story?

Les Eclaireurs lighthouse

The lighthouse at the end of the world. This is found on the southern tip of Argentina. Does this suggest a fantasy story to you?

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