Wednesday 31 August 2022

Animal point of view

                                                                                                                                   Northern Gannets, Seabirds, Beach, Sea                                                                                             

Write an article, poem, script or story that champions the animal’s point of view. If you find it too difficult to get into the animal’s consciousness you can write about humans supporting animals: allowing animals to return to the wild, stopping cruelty to domestic and farm animals, creating great habitats for wildlife etc.

Article inspiration

Perhaps you could look at your local Wild Life Trust, WWF or Born Free for inspiration.  Or find out more about the wild life in your garden, Can you find someone locally who has taken steps to encourage wildlife in the garden?


Get inside the head of a bird you see in your garden. Write with the senses. What do you see, see? Hear? Feel? Remember, birds have very sharp eye sight.


Will you tell it from the animal’s point of view? Can you do that without too much personification? Take a look at Judy Waite’s Storm Seal or even our own Gentle Footprints.


Can you write a drama about saving some animals? Perhaps about preventing extinction or cruelty? What are the complexities in the situation?


Happy writing.        

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