Friday 28 January 2022

World Cup Final


Football Stadium, Soccer, Stadium

Or other exciting sporting event.  Describe what happens from the point of view of an avid fan. Does your team win or lose?  How does that make you feel? How do you celebrate or heal your wounds?

Set the scene. Write with your senses. Try to capture the atmosphere:

What does the pitch look like?

Who are the other fans?

Which snippets of conversation do you overhear?

What can you smell? Are there pies or hot dogs cooking?  

Or: are you watching at the pub or at home? Who is with you? What do you talk about?

How does the tension mount as the players come on to the pitch?

Can you describe the paly without getting too technical? Can you describe it for someone  who doesn’t understand football, cricket or tennis? Do you need to check facts? What you remember is fine but guaranteed you won’t remember exactly what happened. You may need to pin names to actions and check timings. Or can you make this completely fictitious?

How does the game end?

Will this be the end of your story?    

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