Saturday 15 January 2022

A fatal shot


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Someone has been tampering with the drinks. Just one shot of something you or your character drinks leads to some disastrous events.  Tell the story.

Perhaps the most obvious story here is that of someone’s drink being spiked and the victim is then robbed or raped.

There are, however, several other possibilities:

·         What if the drink acted as a portal to another world for you or your character?

·         What if the drink made the protagonist speak the truth – not just in the sense of not lying but in being outspoken?

·         What if the drink made the protagonist more understanding of the world around them?

Who is your character and why are they in the bar at this particular time? What is the atmosphere like as they arrive? What makes them take the drink?

What happens after they have drunk the shot?

How long does it affect them for?

Which disastrous events follow?

How do they get back to normal? Do they get back to normal?

What do they learn from the experience? How has their life changed?   

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