Tuesday 24 August 2021

24 August – Waffle Day

 Food, Waffle, Dessert, Honey, Breakfast

Wonderful squares within a bigger square.  Simple pancake batter but they come out this way because you process them through a machine. Or you can buy ready-made ones and warm them up.

Breakfast treat? What would you serve them with?  Or better in the afternoon with lashings of cream?

Can you use waffles to the background of a story? Or even a bigger part of it?

Here are a few ideas:

Boy meets girl at the place that makes waffles

Boyfriend hides ring in waffle.  He is intending to propose. Girl almost chokes on the ring.  

Someone is running a café and today there is chaos ending up with the dog running off with a waffle on its head.

A child with a disability learns to cook.  Their first success is some sweet waffles

Try a children’s story about a child encountering waffles for the first time.

Try a piece of memoir that involves a waffle.  Don’t forget the taste and smell.

Try to describe a waffle to someone who has never tried one before.

Write a piece of creative nonfiction than contains a description of the making of a waffle.

Research the history of the waffle and write a short article about them.

The very next idea you think of will probably be better than any of these.

Why not treat yourself to a waffle to get yourself in the mood?         

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