Monday 11 July 2016

Flash Fiction Prompts

Flash Fiction Prompt 1 Postcards

Take a postcard. What happened just before this? What is the problem? What will happen next?   How will s/he get out of it? Write your story in 50, 100, 350, 500 or 1,000 words. 

Flash Fiction Prompt 2 Twitter pics 

Look at your Twitterfeed.  Write a story in just 140 words about the first picture you find.   

Flash Fiction Prompt 3 Reversals

Take the baddie or a minor character from a fairy story. Bring them up to the 21st century if you wish. Start at the “Aha” moment – the point of no return  - and tell that story in 50 words.

Flash Fiction Prompt 4 Starters

Here are your starters: It all began when ….. I’d never seen anything like it before I went to Media City …. “Oh,” he said. “What are you doing here?” …. It was going to crash, he knew it.  …..  The rain went on for days …..  Choose your word length. 

Flash fiction Prompt 5 Micro-stories

Hook. Growing complexities. Crisis. Climax. Resolution.  Three-act structure. (or five or seven act) Go on. You know you can.  In 350 words.

Flash Fiction Prompt 6 Scrabble power

Play a game of Scrabble. Make up a story including all of the words. Aim for one per sentence and only as many sentences as there are words.

Flash Fiction Prompt 7 The aliens have landed

Take a turn around Media City UK and / or Salford Quays. Don’t speak to anyone you know – or even anyone you don’t know. Then come back here or go home and write down your impressions as the alien you have become. What is this strange place? 250 words

Flash Fiction Prompt 8 Paint chart

Go find a paint chart. Pick a colour you like. Bring its name as words into your story somewhere. If you dare, you might make it the premise. You choose the word count. 

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