Thursday 9 October 2014

Getting the new year underway

We’re now in the second week of the academic year and the campus is buzzing. Our new students are beginning to settle in though there is still some bewilderment. They are gradually beginning to use their student email accounts and our Virtual Learning Environment VLE, Blackboard.


Lots of emails

As a Programme leader, I’m finding my inbox quite full because:
·         Students need to change seminar groups / courses because of timetable clashes
·         Some are awaiting outcomes of appeals
·         Enthusiastic students are full of questions and are trying to get ahead of the game.


Lots of admin

I also have to:
·         Chase students who haven’t registered
·         Find student reps (nearly there with that one – still looking for a Level 5 English and Creative Writing, a Level 5 for Drama and Creative Writing and a Level 6 for English and Drama. If anyone suitable is reading this and would like to have a go, please contact me. It’s an excellent line on your CV.   
·         Respond to the NSS findings
·         Deal with one or two room changes – because as we’re doing well we need bigger rooms.


Enthusiastic students

We’re all delighted with how well students are attending our classes. They’re tuning up on time and raring to go. I’ve found them attentive in lectures and full of useful comments and questions in seminars.  
The year has started well.

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