Wednesday 29 October 2014

A Day in the Life

Okay, so it was a little extraordinary but even so you may be amazed.
I had five meetings in a row.

Good news

Recently I’ve been promoted to senior lecturer. Today my first meeting was at 8.30 with the head of school and his deputy. It was largely congratulatory. We also confirmed what it is that I’m doing that made me deserve the promotion. Now, I’m going to have to build on that. Get better NSS (National Student Survey) results. Improve retention, continuation and progression. Forge bigger links between our directorate and the rest of the school.  None of this is really anything new. We always try to build on what we’re doing right and improve further as well as troubleshoot and problem-solve. I’m currently working on all of that anyway. It’s what we do.


Training that helped     

I had my PMEP training today. I know quite a bit about it as I am on the board. It’s a new way of creating action plans. We must use SMART – specific, measurable, attainable, realistic (resourced), time bound actions. Some we have to supply at specific times. Others we do as they occur.
We need to react to what the NSS tells us and what our own figures tell us – on such subjects as employability, continuation / retention and recruitment.
I know quite a bit about the process we’re expected to engage with as I’m on the board that investigates this. Even so, it was good to work in a room with colleagues and with the trainer who knows about how this works.  Part of the session involved getting some of the work completed and in fact I’m pretty much two thirds of the way there.  So, quite a satisfying session.


Observation of teaching
I joined a debate about this. It’s actually something I’m very much in favour of. It needs to be handled sensitively, however, and the people involved must be in agreement with it.  I did a lot of this as a secondary school teacher and it really benefitted all concerned. However, we’re all really busy and a few of us are a little worried about the extra work involved. Look at my day today for instance ….

Meeting a publisher

A representative visited three of us today. Our  Associate Director of English, the Programme Leader for the other suite of programmes, English Literature and English Literature with English Language were able to learn about some specific editions of books. These editions contain some very useful critical material. We’re going to receive some sample copies. This was an hour well spent.          

Meeting a student

Students often come to us with problems. Sometimes we can solve them and sometimes we can’t. So, it’s refreshing when a student comes with a problem so tiny that we solve it in seconds and can spend some time chatting on how much he’s enjoying his course and how well he’s doing with his writing.
I’m also able to give him some more specific information on writing for young adults. I’m able, too, to offer him my as yet unpublished text book to review.

But the day’s not over

There are other things yet to do. I have to deal with two problem students. I’m doing this little bit of writing now. And I’m hoping to proof read a few short stories.     

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