Wednesday 26 March 2014

Processing the choices

I have about a third of the module option forms in now. I’m looking at each one to see that students have made the right type of choices and that also these choices are sensible. So far, I’ve only seen one that is wrong and one that is unclear. No one has made unwise combinations, though one or two have gone for the darker themes: The Test of Evil, Utopias and Dystopias and Salvation to Damnation.  
We’re advising against too much similarity in the creative options, particularly in creative writing. So far, though, no one has opted for all three prose fiction choices.  Good thing too!    
So, not bad.

Hybrids helping

Those modules that can be more than one type at once are good. There are also some that allow a creative response despite being essentially a literature module. They help us to offer more choice. The downside is that there is at least one component that still requires a critical response.  However, this is really no bad thing. It encourages rigour. On the other hand, careful selection by students can enable them to do more creative work if that is what they wish.  

Enjoying the admin

I’m not a great fan of admin but I must admit that once I’m into it I can almost enjoy it. It is actually really satisfying seeing the modules fill up – fairly evenly as it happens. It’s good to see everyone making such sensible choices. It’s rewarding ticking the names off a list. Gradually all of the responses are coming in.  

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