Friday 14 March 2014

Option Modules and the Module Fair

It is that time of year again. We are getting students ready to select modules for next year. Per semester students must study on three modules and over two semesters students must study in  three modules for each of their disciplines. Thus, our Drama and Creative Writing study three drama and three creative writing, our English and Creating Writing, three English and three Creative Writing and our English and Drama three English and three Drama. Some of the courses are compulsory and some are options.
Some modules are multi-purpose and can be interpreted as either English or Creative Writing or Drama or may even involve all three. This can allow quite a bit of choice and can allow a little steer towards Creative Writing, Drama or English.

All of the courses have rigour: our English and Creative Writing Students have to write creatively, reflectively and critically. Our English and Drama students have to write critically and reflectively and perform. Our Drama and Creative Writing students have to write creatively, reflectively, critically and perform.
We hold a module fair. It really buzzes. Students come and bombard us with questions and we pitch our modules to them.
The first forms are in now. It really is quite exciting.   
We encourage our students to find a balance. It’s good looking at their choices. 


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