Thursday 26 December 2013

Back to the Beginning

I’m currently on leave. But I’m never quite completely on holiday. After all, it is Christmas time and Christmas is a time full of stories and I deal in stories.  I write them and teach other people how to write them. In fact, I’m writing now, of course. Away from home, I’m reading a lot too. So work never goes completely away.
It’s a slightly different holiday this time. For the first time, we’re spending Christmas in a favourite summer holiday spot of ours in the south of Spain. It’s different at this time of year  – the sun is still hot but the days are a lot shorter and the evenings and early mornings decidedly chilly. 
And it makes me think. If it wasn’t for this place I probably wouldn’t be a writer or a writing teacher at all.

The magic of Nerja
It really is an extraordinary place. We’re not the only ones to have noticed. People who come here tend to come and come again. 

Nerja, 23 December 2013
We first came in 1988. It’s changed quite a bit since then but did it very slowly so that it actually feels as if it doesn’t ever actually change. Even this week we’ve been to our favourite beach restaurant and were greeted by the family who run it. We’ve known the eldest son since he was a young lad delivering the drinks. Now he’s in charge.
The place kick-started my writing. I found here that I wanted to write for children. The excitement of the Nerja caves, strange weather and a mysterious explosion suggested a story for my primary-age children and I haven’t stopped writing since.
My laptop comes with me every holiday and some of my best ideas have been formed here,
So, it’s really interesting being here precisely at story-time.      

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