Saturday 23 November 2013

Super Students

I’m privileged to teach some super students. Here are some examples.
One student apologises because her work, she feels is not all that strong. She wrote it on her iPhone as she was hospitalised for a few days. But she did the work and although it’s very much first draft it’s showing considerable potential. Especially as it was written on an iPhone.

I am gobsmacked from time to time at the sheer good manners and consideration. Compared with what I’ve met at comprehensive schools and in life in general. But these tough-looking guys hold doors open and step aside. And one feels like royalty.
Lack of ageism
I teach a Writing Novels for Young Adults course and an Introduction to Children’s Literature Course. I’m 61 and do sometimes ask myself how I can be doing that. But I’ve never encountered any ageism from my students or really any surprise. Maybe I’m young at heart?   
The music corridor and talented musicians
My office is near the music practice rooms. I have to walk past them several times a day. Some glorious sounds music come from beyond the doors.
Marking is hardly a chore
Okay, so occasionally it is when there is pressure on to get it done. But reading and commenting on each piece is a joy. I see some good work and am able to give them advice about how to make it better. It is good to mentor new writers.
Student success
Some of our students are published even before they leave us. Some shortly afterwards. And some set up their own companies. It’s rewarding.
Of course also, there are the ones who don’t attend, the ones who fail to submit and the ones who go incommunicado. But there are very few who don’t come good in the end.
Students who are there week on week
We complain about the ones who don’t attend. But I actually have a very big handful of ones who never miss a session.
So, privileged or what?  

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