Wednesday 23 March 2011

Diary of a Lecturer on Strike

Up and at my desk at normal time for a day when I work from home. Looked at Twitter and my personal emails. I resisted the urge to open work emails – even though that has my task list on there. I did add a couple of items to the news I send out to students. Have also spotted a book event I’d like to attend at Waterstone’s on Friday this week. That is sort of part of my work.
I spent a couple of hours in the morning working on my novel. That is definitely university work. They have me there because I’m a novelist. Still, as it’s the sort of work that I do on a weekend and even when I’m away on holiday, I can hardly be accused of strike-breaking.
Because I was working at home I cooked lunch for my husband and myself. This means two things:
- We had a very nice lunch
- I freed up time later to do more work - question is, could it be more university work?
I spent just over an hour on editing the stories for the Bridge House’s next charity book. Hopefully, I’ll be able to put the book together soon. That isn’t direct work related to my job but it’s the kind of work my employers expect me to do.
I also worked on my new imprint Chapeltown. This is part of my retirement plan and a back-up in case redundancy looms. I’ll just do a little now, and get some help. Once I no longer have a job at the university, I’ll up what I do for that.
I’m in the office now, the day after the strike. I couldn’t resist looking at yesterday’s emails. And yes, there are items there I need to action.
The trouble is, I consider my work a vocation, not a job. It’s hard to avoid “work”. And / but they’re messing around with what I’d thought of as my savings aka the pension scheme.

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