Friday 4 March 2011

A Day at Spennymoor School

A Day at Spennymoor School
I have just spent a delightful day with students at Spennymoor School. This involved two master classes in French with Y9 and Y10 students, some work on story with Y8s, work on haikus, acrostics and writing with the senses with Y7, and my character magic workshop with some able students form Y7 and Y8.
The day kept me on my toes. The students were a delight to work with. The very able ones did some very pleasing work but I was also pleased to see some of the lower ability children having a go. Some were brave enough to read out their work themselves and others allowed me to read out the stories and extracts they produced.
The staff were very warm and friendly and I was well looked after.
It was a very pleasant drive there and back, but my goodness, now I’m tired. It was a six a.m. start and five hours in a row is quite hard work- even though the students were so charming

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