Thursday 16 March 2023

What’s in a name?

Id, Driving License, Personal Identity

Open a newspaper or an on-line report. Take the first four names you encounter and make them into characters in a story.  Write a scene that takes place between them.

Creating the character

You might assign the characters roles:

Which ones is which?

The friend?

The mentor?

The enemy?

Think carefully about each character.

Way are they like physically? Intellectually? Emotionally? What is their greatest fear? What do they most want? What do they need?

Find a scene

Choose a scene from:

Inciting incident

Growing complexity 1

Growing complexity 2

Growing complexity 3





See what happens

Put your two characters together and see what happens. Show your work to a writing buddy. Do they get what your mean them to get?  And do they understand more about your characters than you show them here? (They probably do – which is a little bit spooky!)   


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