Wednesday 18 January 2023


 People, Crowd, Revolution, Assembly, Art

People in your world are unhappy. They have taken to the streets. The mob raids the shops.  Energy services are failing.  What happens? Is law and order restored?  Does a new form of society emerge?


Article ideas

Find out about a country that has had a revolution in the last century. Look at news reports.    Can you find an interesting angle? Maybe a more human one? How has this affected ordinary lives?

Or, why have we not had a revolution on the UK? Or have we? What did Cromwell do?

Can you find out what are the catalysts of a revolution?


Poetry ideas

Project forward; the revolution has happened. What is the immediate aftermath like? Write with the senses.

Create a dramatic monologue in poetry form from the leader of the revolution.

What happened during the revolution? Can you use the rhythm of your poem to show that?


Script ideas

Bring a bunch of people together. They plot a revolution. Does it succeed or fail?

Show the story of the power that is about to be dethroned by the revolution. Can you make your audience sympathetic towards them?

Tell the story of a protagonist for whom the revolution is merely a way of boosting their own ego.


Story ideas

Tell the story of a revolution from the point of view of a child.

Maybe the revolution is a new invention that changes lives completely. Show its progress. Does it lead to Utopia or Dystopia?

Look up the word “revolution” in a dictionary e.g., Use one of its less obvious meanings as the basis for your story.

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