Saturday 15 October 2022

Word association - October

 Forest, Autumn, Orange, Colorful, Nature

For ten minutes write down all of the words you can think of to do with October.  Now, write a scene or story inspired by those words.

Here are a few ideas.


What is important for you about October? What about recipes that use seasonal fruit and veg? What is it like for teachers? How does the academic year pan out? Or the financial year?  What about the gardening year? The festivals in October?  Is Trick or Treat a good or a bad thing? What are it origins?


What do you see, hear, smell and taste in October?  Can you write an ode to October? Can you write verses about one of its festivals?  


Something dramatic happens in October. How does this time of year affect the action?  Are the dark evenings significant? What about fog and smog? Or overnight frost? Is the month of any help to the characters? How will the audience know the story is set in October?


Something about October triggers the opening incident. Your main character wants something but needs something else from October. How will you show your readers that this is all happening in October? Which are October’s markers?

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