Friday 16 April 2021

Orchid Day


Orchids are extremely beautiful and unusual flowers. They grow in a different way from other flowers and they need a different sort of care from other plants. For instance, they do not have a usual root.

By the way, there are 25,000 documented types of orchid.

Do they have magical properties in your story?

Do their unusual qualities cause other unusual things to happen?

Is there any finance involved? Does this spark a story about rival orchid growers?  

How can you make use of the senses in writing about orchids? Maybe you should go and be in the presence of orchids in order to write about them.  

There are some very interesting orchids that look like other things: e.g. the owl orchid, the naked guy orchid and the monkey orchid. They also have the symmetry of a human face – this might be a part of their appeal.  

Vanilla comes from a type of orchid. The pearls of some orchids can be added to salads. However, what might happen if someone chose the wrong sort of orchid?

On the whole, orchids do not cause allergies.

Orchids can live forever with proper care.  Can they become family heirlooms? What happens to the person who kills off an orchid that has lasted for generations?  

Could a partner’s obsession with orchids cause a rift in a relationship?

It generally takes a lot of patience to grow an orchard. This could create a whole story arc.

Different orchids have different smells. These range from rotting flesh to chocolate.  Could this aid your detective in your cosy crime story?  


Image by Capri23auto from Pixabay 

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