Sunday 28 February 2021

The Tooth Fairy


There are lots of things you can do with this guy. (Or gal?)

Childhood memories / memoir

How did your family deal with teeth falling out. What did you do with those teeth? Did the Tooth Fairy visit? How much did you get? What did you spend it on?  

A more serious article

This could be about milk teeth, children’s dental health, the story of how the Tooth Fairy came about? Could you find out what happens in other cultures?

A story for children

A picture book or a book for an emergent reader might be educational. In both cases think how the pictures work.  In picture books for preschool the pictures will tell a supplementary story. In emergent reader texts they help the new reader to understand the story.

There may even be room for texts for early fluent readers as they are of the age still when milk teeth fall out.

The Tooth Fairy’s story

Can you tell one of the story’s from the point of view of the Tooth Fairy? You have the opportunity here to give him / her a personality.  There is a lot you can invent here:

  • What precisely is his / her job?  
  • How do they go about it?
  • Which obstacles does s/he meet?  
  • What is his / her daily life like?

Some ideas for scripts

You might get this character to interact with other mythical creatures: the March Hare, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny etc. There is the opportunity here for a more adult text and / or some comedy. Maybe they could be in competition.  Or have a balloon debate.  One of them has to go.  Which one and why?

Image by Natalia Ovcharenko from Pixabay   

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