Wednesday 20 January 2021

Write about climate change


Here’s an opportunity to write a well-researched article or a little speculative fiction. This is a huge topic and you need to get it under control. Here are a few suggestions about how you might hone this, depending on which genre you choose:


Start with a little “colour”. As I write this we are being soaked by a month’s worth of rain in two days. I could start off my article by referring to that. Then maybe find the scientific explanation for why that is happening right now. Maybe cite some other facts about how the climate is changing. Make sure your sources are reliable and name them. You can then add in your own opinion but make sure it is clear that this is your opinion. End with some more colour.


Really work with the senses on this. You might again use extreme weather or perhaps you could describe one of the protest rallies.


Could this be about two people who have differing views about climate change? Do they argue? Do they take action? Is there conflict because of the different actions they take? Is the conflict resolved?


Project to the future. Take one aspect of what is happening now and see how that pans out in ten, twenty or fifty years. Will there be any sort of resolution to do with the climate in your story or will it just be a story set in that time? Whichever you choose, the projected change in climate will have an impact. What is that impact?    

Image by Florian Pircher from Pixabay      

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