Friday 17 April 2020

Writing prompt: 17 April Bat Appreciation Day

Image by alobenda from Pixabay

Write a poem, a short story, a script or a piece of memoir or an essay that features a bat.
Here are a few more thoughts about bats to help you:

Academic article

Some say the coronavirus that is part of the current pandemic came from bats.  Is that true? Use all of your journalistic and academic skills to establish whether this is correct or not and then write a convincing article that tells the public the truth. Could you submit it to ?


Horror story

Or go completely in the other direction and write a horror story about an encounter with bats that led to some nasty disease spreading. You might be able to submit it here:

Story for children

However, it is bat APPRECIATION day so perhaps we need to be kinder to bats. What about a nice story for children about rescuing a bat with a broken wing? Find places to submit your story here:

Factual piece for children

Write a short factual article for children. Here’s where you might submit it: As always with non-fiction it might be an idea to see what sort of copy these publisher require then shape your article to that.

British bats

The Bat Conservation Trust  has a lot of information about British bats. And in fact, aren’t’ those photos kind of cute? Not much to be afraid of here.  

Facts about bats

Can you put together a list of ten fascinating facts about bats? Maybe one for adults and one for children?


Protected species

Write a story or an article about a family invaded by bats. They may have hated them at first or perhaps they were afraid of them but maybe they come to love them.  

Like more prompts like this?  Available here:

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