Thursday 21 November 2019

More on writing about yourself


Some advantages of using relationships

  To tell our own stories we need to tell the stories of those around us.

  We have colourful characters on tap.

  We are the gap between the interactions of those amongst us.

  Our psychology depends on the psychology of others.

Some ethical issues

  We are stealing the stories of others.

  How would you feel if you were used in somebody else’s story?

  You could be charged with slander, libel, defamation of character if you are not careful.

  What right do we have to make judgements about others?

  Note the difference between writing biography and autobiography from writing fiction, though you can use the same techniques that you use in writing fiction.  Indeed, if you do, your text may be more engaging to the reader.     

Slices of life

You can indeed enliven your text with:
  A competent handling of time and space
  Making sure that all that you write shows place, personality or action


Write about a scene from your life that includes a colourful character. Can you write it in such a way that there would be no chance of this character charging you with slander, libel, or defamation of character?  Use some techniques you might apply to fiction to enliven your text: have a good narrative balance of dialogue, action, description, inner monologue and very little exposition.  Show, don’t tell.   

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