Friday 23 February 2018

Creative Writing on Other Languages Workshop 3 Acrostic poems

These can also be created by students who are very new to their foreign language.  These also encourage effective dictionary work.
First, you spell out a word. Then you look in the dictionary for words that begin with each word.  Note the third line includes a more complex sentence.  You don't need to have that there but it is an option for more advanced students.  These examples are my name. You can use real nouns or a topic.       
Gamine, généreuse, grande, garantie,
Intelligente, idéaliste, idiomatique, illogique,
Laisse les mots tomber comme les perles,
Lamentable, laide, légende, létale

Graciosa, guapa, gentil,
Intelligente, idéologica, ilusa,
Labré mi propia vida
Larga, laudable y legal.

Glänzend, gut, gastfreundlich, geduldig,
Intelligent, individuell, infantil, informativ
Laufe ich durch die ganze Hafenstadt,
Lakonisch, lässig, lästig, langweilig und launisch.

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