Thursday 8 August 2013

Does one ever stop?

I’m currently away on holiday. I’ve just checked my work email. Fortunately there wasn’t anything urgent. The computer informed me I had automatic responses on – did I want to turn them off. Well, no I didn’t actually. Maybe I do draw a line after all.
I am specifically a writing teacher and that means I have to write. I tend to manage a couple of hours a day even at weekends and whilst on holiday. Holidays also tend to be times when I get more ideas. Getting a more sleep and relaxation and being to a large extent out of my normal framework helps me to open my mind a little.
I’ve also checked my personal email.  That’s meant picking up news about my properties – why do all the tricky things happen while I’m on holiday? – and responding generally to news of writerly matters there – other writers’ launches, requests for opinions and advice and news of opportunities. I’m a little less proactive with this whilst away but I’m certainly still doing it all.
I’m not really complaining, though. This is just what I do. I wouldn’t be without it. I’m constantly looking for new ideas, both as a teacher and as a writer. Even when I’m on holiday.           

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